About Us

Foundry “MODELFORM” Ltd provides a wide range of foundry services to its clients since 1998. The range of services includes: patterns, castings in a wide range of casting materials, heat treatment, mechanical treatment, shot blasting and laboratory tests.
We specialize in the production of castings of the following materials:

  • Grey cast iron: GJL100, GJL150, GJL 200 and GJL 250
  • Ductile iron: GJS 400-15, GJS 400-18, GJS 500-7, GJS 600-3 and GJS 700
  • Low and high alloyed carbon steels: heat resistant, rust resisting, high resistant to abrasion (L20G; L30GS, L35GSM; L20HGSNM; A6, Hadfield cast), construction

Extensive experience in the foundry industry allow us to produce castings by the highest standards. We have all the necessary equipment needed for foundry production of high quality cast iron and steel castings and our manufacturing processes are carried out under conditions that are compatible with the current Polish legislation, international standards and the customers requirements. We meet strict standards for environmental protection and health & safety at the all workplaces.

The quality of our castings is the result of the selection of the best casting materials supplied by renowned manufacturers of the foundry industry.

Our main customers are well-known in Poland and abroad companies in the mining, steel, energy, coke, machine tools and mineral resources industries.

Casting of non-ferrous metals, cast iron and cast steel are performed by professionals, for which casting has become not only skill but also an art.


Casting is not only our profession – this is our passion.