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  • New website

    From November 2013 we are carried out work on the development of our new website. As of 02/01/2014 is planned official launch and commissioning of a new website for all of our current and new customers.

    Posted at December 18, 2013 | Categories : News |
  • Work for casters with qualifications

    In the quest to meet the high technical and quality requirements of the current foundry market, we continuously recruiting skilled production workers and technical staff. If you are interested in working in our factory, please contact us. Contact detail in tab: Contacts.

    Posted at December 17, 2013 | Categories : News |
  • Timely delivery

    In December this year, we extended our ability to supply our products direct to customers through the purchase of another commercial vehicle, thus improving further our ability to implement timely deliveries.

    Posted at December 16, 2013 | Categories : News |
  • New power connection

    In the first quarter of 2013 we started an investment project:"The new power connection to the power up of casting electric furnaces". Deadline for completion of the project and putting into service is planned for December 2013.

    Posted at December 15, 2013 | Categories : News |